There is no better feeling than giving and receiving love. While making selections from our “love shoot” we came across this photo and it is one of my favorites. Our photographer Tabia really captured the essence of our urban/lofty lifestyle which totally allowed us to be ourselves and give our family and friends  a little glimpse into our everyday lives. This particular photo says so much to me and I wanted to share it because it focuses on what matters the most and that is…. LOVE

We decided to shoot in our neighborhood, Cabbagetown since it is really “artsy” and hip. This worked out well because we were able to pretty much walk everywhere that we shot. The shoot was very relaxed and comfortable and it really allowed us to be in the zone. I can’t say enough how awesome Tabia was with directing us. There were so many pictures that I look at now and I can remember exactly what I was feeling in that moment. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.